Laptop Manufacturers Must Provide a Free OS Option

This is my proposal and "RFC".

I'm going to mark with double red bold question mark (??) open questions and issues, solutions for which I'm not ready to propose (please propose too).


Windows dominates the desktop market. MacOS dominates the market of the Apple's hardware. Both of them exploit it in one way or another, offering their own software and abusing the unfair advantage of the duopoly.

In particular, both of them are pushing their own web browsers with their own software on top of it, and even then take advantage over illiterate user (for example, installing rare applications would get the installer blocked on Microsoft Edge with the warning "this application is not commonly downloaded"). MacOS forces you to buy an Apple's PC, and it's against their ToS to install it on non-Apple's PCs.


The idea is to force/encourage laptop manufacturers offer either a Free OS or No OS option for every model offered, and these options have to be cheaper than the one shipped with Windows. This way, more users' attention will be drawn to free operating systems. Moreover, because laptop manufacturers will be compelled to offer such an option, we will likely see significant investment in free operating systems and providing alternatives for Windows and macOS.

Possible Model

The approach I suggest is a combination of carrot and stick.



Expected Outcome